Are you ready to get into shape for Summer?
Over 6 weeks, you’ll experience a major transformation not just in how your body looks, but in how you feel, think, and move without having to resort to hours of boring cardio and depriving yourself of real food.

(even if you are a complete beginner)

Do You Have that Favourite Summer Dress or Sexy Shorts

…that sits in the back of your closet? You may not even have it in your closet yet but you see it every time you go shopping for clothes. You know exactly what outfit it is that I’m talking about, the one that when you put it on makes you feel on top of the work, confident and happy.  At the moment though it just doesn’t quite fit, but with Summer coming up you know there are sooo many occasions you can …… WANT ….. to wear it.

You get sick of wishing it would happen but it never does, then you get that fire lit under your rear and you go to the gym swearing that you’ll drop a few kgs. You then begin to eat like a rabbit living on only salads, yogurt and a few of those 100 calorie snack packs; but after a week or two and the scale not budging you say “hell with it” and end up going on a bender that leaves you in a carb coma waking up with a food hangover. Frustrating? You bet and I’m here to tell you that it’s not your fault. A lot of women struggle with dropping a few sizes without feeling so deprived and frustrated wondering if they are doing the right thing because there is so much conflicting information out there.

If you can relate to that problem, we have the solution for you.

RPTM is here to help

At RPTM we help women of all ages get in the best shape of their lives based on proven systems, to get them results they want as quickly and safely as possible.

Imagine what it would be like to see results each week, to feel stronger and leaner as your ‘big’ clothes don’t even fit as they slide off your hips and your friends always asking you…”You look amazing! What have you been doing?” Think of how good it will feel to not only be able to fit into that awesome summer outfit, but how you won’t feel self conscious wearing it while your out. 

With the Summer Shape Up Project you’ll definitely feel lighter and leaner … but you’ll also have more energy, your sleep will improve, you’ll likely have fewer aches and pains, and you’ll just plain FEEL better.  You will not have to constantly ‘suck it in’, you can sit down without doing the dreaded shirt pull from your body. Plus it won’t even have to stop there, you’ll finally have the motivation and momentum to keep moving forward to other goals that have been lurking in the back of your mind. Remember that new bikini you wanted? (hint hint)

Those are just SOME experiences women, like you, have ALL the time; so why shouldn’t you?

The 6 weeks commences on Monday 21st October 2019.
(registrations close Wednesday 16th October)


Confidence that you are doing the exercises your body needs to be doing, safely and correctly, because sometimes you’ve always wondered if you were doing them right in the first place.
Excitement of doing things you never thought you could do PAIN FREE; such as squatting for great legs with out your knees hurting… ever. Or even ab work without your low back hurting.
Results each week whether it’s your pants getting looser or the weights feeling easier, each week there is always something new that you’ll experience and keep you excited for the next workout.
Support every step of the way because your NOT ALONE and this won’t be a lonely journey, you’ll be surrounded by others that have done, and are going through what you’re going though.
Motivation that keeps you grounded and not falling off the wagon even after those long days with an angry boss, traffic jams and kids (or a boyfriend/husband, they are about the same thing)



Group Fitness

Choose from over 20 classes a week on our group fitness timetable for the duration of the 6 weeks.  We take into account how you move, what your capable of and ensure that you get the best results as quickly and safely as possible.

Nutrition for YOUR Body

Yes this is one of the MAJOR components of this program. We all know it’s about the diet (hate that word) but we are going to make sure you follow science proven systems that will still have you eating real food. In fact we will cover so much nutrition that there is no way we won’t find a meal plan or program that works for YOU, YOUR life, and YOUR schedule.

It all begins with the mind

Fortnightly live mindset training sessions will teach you how to get the most out of this project and make the changes you need to be sucessful not only during these 6 weeks but for the rest of your life.  There will be ‘opportunity work’ required.
If you do the inner work it is guaranteed to show up on the outside as well.  This is an opportunity to learn more about yourself and really work out what has stopped you from being who you want to be in the past and enable you to be who you want to be in the future.

Tracking and accountability

We hold you to a higher standard than you may hold yourself, because if you’re not accountable to someone only YOU know if you did, or did not, workout. Our entire focus is on getting you results.

Recipe & Meal Plan

Eating better doesn’t have to entail tilapia (seriously, gross) brown rice, veggies, and lemon water. That’s why we includes some of our favorite recipes and they cover more than just chicken salads, we have REAL food that won’t leave you feeling deprived and even after the program is over you’ll still want to continue to make these on a daily basis.

Daily Motivation

No one ever said this was going to be easy. Even with us at your side coaching you every step of the way there are going to be some days that will test your will power, we all have them. What we do to help out is send you some of most motivational quotes, stories and emails to just remind you why you started and to not give up.

Success Manual

Don’t you ever wish that you had a book to tell you everything that you wanted to know about what you are going though, why it happened, and what you can expect to happen over the course of your weight loss journey? You did think of that!? Well what a coincidence that we happen to have that EXACT manual just for you. Let’s just say your welcome right now.

Private Facebook Group

You have Facebook right? We we add you to a private group just for those that are doing the program so that you can ask those questions that just popped up in your mind and not only get your trainer’s answers but answers from others that are doing the program as well. This alone will give you ideas that you never thought about and help keep you on your game throughout this program.


to receive more information …..
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What is your best time to workout?

Are you willing to invest mentally, physically and emotionally in the project?


Now, I have no interest in trying to twist your arm into joining. The fact of the matter is we have a limited number of spots and we only want to work with women that have a WANT to do work and be the best version of themselves. That’s it. We have fantastic committed members here and once all the spaces are gone, they’re gone until when run this program again or you can try one of our other programs if you miss the deadline. I’m very much looking forward to coaching you, helping you rock your sexy summer outfit and getting you on the path of getting in the best shape of your life.

Linda Rankin


P.S. To take your first steps and start the Summer Shape Up Project, you just have to fill out the form above while the page is still active and this is fresh on your mind.

P.P.S. Every day that goes by is another day that your missing out on becoming your best. Waiting till tomorrow never gets anyone results, how many more times are you going to say “I’ll wait till next week/month/when kids go back to school/when the holidays are over…” There will ALWAYS be something so TAKE ACTION NOW.