Membership Terms & Conditions

here you can find a copy of all terms and conditions as outlined in your membership agreement.



 What’s included

  • Unlimited group fitness classes at all studios/locations
  • Discounted Strength Consult Clearance PTs, 2x45min sessions for $100.
  • Special offers and discounts on selected RPTM products and services (including strength sessions, personal training, 4/6/8 week project, programs/workshops)
  • Monthly members draw


Payment for membership package is setup on direct debit using Ezidebit, from either a bank account or credit card (amex not accepted).  Payments can be setup for your preferred day of the week.
You’re agreed upon weekly fee is outlined below.
Payments will show up on your statement as ‘Ezidebit Australia’.  Your bank will add a $0.90 charge to each transaction.

Declined payments will incur a fee of $15 on the next transaction. Prices are subject to yearly review.

Please note: payments setup with Credit Card will re-submit 3 days in a row. Action immediately on notice of decline will prevent further decline fees being charged.
Bank account bounced payments are now sitting on your account as money owing.  To avoid disruption to attending classes please contact us to advise when payment can be reprocessed on notice of dishourned payment.


The minimum length of the membership is 3 mths.   We do this to give you a good chance to build that routine of regular training, creating new habits and ensure we can make lasting change and achieve real results.



Clients on ‘Platinum’, ‘Gold’ or ‘Silver’ membership packages have included Personal Training session incorporated into their package.  These PT session need to be used within a 2 week period from the start of each ‘payment week’, unless discussed with management, after which time these sessions will be expired.



Memberships can be placed on hold for a total of 4 weeks per year (these can be taken in week blocks and do not need to be used consecutively).  Notification of ‘hold’ for membership MUST be requested using the hold request form a minimum of 1 week PRIOR to the dates required.  Membership can not be placed on hold until the min contract length has been met.

(a link can be found in the RPTM client’s group or here:

Memberships will NOT be placed on hold AFTER the time classes were not attended.



Your RPTM membership will be ongoing. There are no cancellation fees.
A ‘MEMBERSHIP CANCELLATION FORM’ is to be completed in order to finalise the cancellation of a membership.
Contact our friendly team to request a copy of this form.

Memberships CANNOT be cancelled while on hold. They will need to be activated and then the cancellation process can start.

No refunds will be given on any membership payments.  
Final membership payment will be the one immediately following the date of cancellation.  



RPTM sees both complaints and feedback as a gift.   RPTM will endeavour at all times to assist you with any concerns you may have.  For any complaints or feedback on RPTM and its Trainers please email

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