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RPTM is a gym where you feel welcome, supported and part of the family.
The Team are passionate about sharing their knowledge of health and fitness and giving you the tools you need for success.
Since joining RPTM I am healthier, stronger and happier.  I now have a great circle of friends who make coming to the gym and exercising fun.


The support from Linda, Billie and Mandy has been amazing with getting me back into making time for myself – even if it’s at 5.30am! I’ve gone from zero motivation for exercise to really loving coming. The people who I’ve met over the last 3 months have been wonderful as well. I’ve found my tribe of strong, passionate, joyful and amazing people. Thank you so much!


I haven’t been to a gym in 20 years. I feel intimidated just being at a gym, so I decided I would do all my exercise at home which I did. I lost my mojo a while back and had spoken to Linda a few times over a very long course of 18 months or so and then just did it. I turned up and I Love it. I feel pushed, but not in a bad way, I feel encouragement, care, support and so so very happy I decided to go to RPTM. Linda, Billie and Mandy take such great care of you. If something doesn’t feel right or they notice you are carrying an injury they help you through it. They are invested in you as a person and I Thank you ladies so much, because it was a difficult decision to take that step. But every step, every pain and every WIN you have been there. THANK YOU!-


I have been incorporating a weekly 1-on-1 PT session in with my regular exercise routine and have achieved great results.

The PT session keeps me on track with my goals and is a great way to test my strength and try new workouts with confidence.
Linda and Billie guided me amazingly through both my pregnancies, second time with twins!
I cannot thank them enough for the care and patience they have given me, I was in the best of hands the whole time.


I love the one on one sessions. They have helped to build up my confidence in myself and then supported me with my own program that I could continue with outside of my one on one sessions. I then felt confident enough to go out on my own while still having my program written by Billie. The programs that are developed for me are always targeted to my goals and she what is going to keep me motivated to continue working out. The support is always there no matter what.


remember why you started.